Unless you’ve had a separate confirmation email, school is closed until further notice. Please be aware that the safest place for us all is at home. We hope our whole school school community remains safe through this difficult time. Please take extra care of yourselves and your family members.

Introduction to Worden

Welcome to Academy @ Worden. We are proud of our happy, purposeful and thriving school which provides excellent opportunities for all its pupils to succeed. The Academy has an outstanding reputation for high academic achievement and educational standards. Learning is the central focus of all that is done at Worden and we are committed to developing the whole child and providing opportunities that are essential for personal, intellectual, emotional and social growth.

All our pupils are supported by a strong pastoral system, which ensures they receive the individual care and attention they need. An extensive system of rewards encourages the pursuit of excellence and values, and celebrates achievements in all areas of school life. High expectations of attendance, punctuality, uniform and behaviour underpins success in school and lays the foundations for success in the wider community and life beyond school.

Worden is a dynamic and constantly improving school, where all members of our community are encouraged to work in an atmosphere of mutual respect. This is an integral part of our school ethos, which supports friendship and co-operation. The positive relationships we build with parents are a real strength of our school and the support they give us contributes significantly to our success.

Christopher Catherall

Chris Catherall, Headteacher Academy@Worden