Pathways to Success

We provide a challenging academic and creative curriculum, ensuring that pupils from all backgrounds are able to learn and thrive. We aim to develop confident, motivated young people who experience a sense of community and enjoyment when achieving success.

All our pupils follow the National Curriculum and study a range of subjects in Key Stage 3. Both knowledge and skills are key priorities to ensure we develop what is required for our pupils to become independent learners. Literacy, numeracy and ICT proficiency underpin the delivery of our curriculum and through our subjects we also grow and nurture a social, moral and cultural dimension to our younger pupils' development.

In year 7 all pupils will participate in the ‘Accelerated Reading’ programme which is designed to enthuse and develop their love of reading. Research shows that confident readers with high levels of literacy can access all aspects of the curriculum, deepen their learning and ultimately achieve higher GCSE grades. We monitor our pupils very carefully and parents receive three tracking reports annually detailing the progress their children have made.

Our pupils will continue to follow a broad curriculum in Key Stage 4. This comprises the core subjects of English, Maths, Science, ICT, PE and RE which are complemented by a personal pathway of options that caters for all interests and abilities and provides pupils with new and exciting opportunities. We are a comprehensive school and aim to provide appropriate support to ensure all our pupils have the opportunity to achieve their full potential. With this in mind our broad and balanced academic curriculum can be supplemented with appropriate courses so that all pupils can select a learning pathway that suits their strengths and interests.

We pride ourselves on knowing our pupils well and we are able to tailor our curriculum to match their needs, interests and aspirations.