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Bronze Award - Final Expedition

What a great 2 day expedition the Bronze team had! Clear blue skies and wonderful views of the countryside whilst they completed their expedition.

The 4 teams took different routes around the Rivington area, navigating to their finishing points. The first day all teams arrived at Bibby's Farm to set up camp and make their well earned tea! Overnight the temperature dropped but the morning brought a crisp and bright day again and all the pupils were eager to set off on their second day. All the teams successfully reached their arranged meeting points well within the allotted time despite some unexpected detours and obstacles.

Twenty-two very tired pupils finished what was a fantastic expedition - they should all be very proud of themselves. All the photographs were taken by the pupils themselves and there are some stunning countryside shots. We would like to say a huge WELL DONE to all the teams we are so very proud of them all!