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Creative Writing Competition

The English Department is running a ‘Creative Writing Contest’. To be in for a chance to win prizes and rewards all you need to do is use your epic imagination and English skills.

What you need to do:

- Choose from one of the following titles:

  • The Discovery
  • The Unexpected Adventure
  • A story that starts with the sentence: The day started like any other…
  • A story that ends with the sentence: ...and that’s when I knew it would all be alright.

- Plan and write your story (450 – 600 words)*

- Submit your story to the English Department on Synergy or email by Wednesday 1st July 2020.

*You can type or write your story - just don’t forget to put your name on it, along with the name of your English teacher.

Here are some ideas:

  • You’ve found a new hobby
  • Discovered a secret/place
  • Had an adventure in your own house
  • A boring day turned into something amazing.

Good luck,

The English Department

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