Revision Help

Exams can be very stressful for pupils and their parents alike. Here we share some tips for parents and carers to help their child to revise effectively.

"Active learning is the key to remembering. You have to DO something to keep the words in your head.”

How can we together help your child revise?

We have three presentations to help you.

Revision and exams - How you can help your child revise 
GCSE Revision Evening 2019
Revision and exams - Revision techniques 


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Revision Apps

There's also lots of apps available for both Apple and Android systems. One we particularly like is Gojimo, and it is free.

Gojimo is the leading exam preparation app, stuffed full of brilliant content for whatever exam you’re taking – that’s over 150,000 quiz questions covering all subjects. Get Gojimo for Apple or Android.