What is a Trust and a Governing Body

What is a Trust?

Trust schools are government-funded schools that benefit from being a charitable trust. They have a few additional freedoms to maintained schools and are treated as company and charity, abiding by the relevant laws, reporting and regulations. Academy@Worden has four Members of the Trust, who meet periodically.

What is a governing body?

Ofsted expect that governing bodies will hold senior leaders to account for all aspects of a school’s performance and behave as a ‘critical friend’ to the head teacher. With this purpose in mind, the governing body of Academy@Worden comprises of representatives appointed or elected by various bodies and groups who have an interest in the school including;

  • Members
  • Trustees
  • Parents
  • Teaching and non-teaching staff

Our governors work as a corporate body and act with integrity, objectivity and honesty, in the best interests of the school. The Governing Body and its committees are responsible for:

  • setting the overall vision and direction for the school;
  • overseeing the leadership and management of the school;
  • employing the staff;
  • managing the school’s finances.

Through efficient planning and controls, our governors must ensure financial stability including efficient management of financial resources and the deployment of staff to the benefit of all pupils.

How often do we meet?

The full Governing body meets once each term and also has a number of Committees (Business & Resources, Pupil Learning and Curriculum, Audit and RIsk Management) that also meet separately each term.

How do we monitor the school’s performance?

Governors receive regular reports on all aspects of the school’s activities and performance and are frequently in school to observe for themselves how targets and development plans are being met. Each governor will have additional responsibilities for oversight of areas of school life, such as pastoral, hr, faculties, etc.

Who is the Chair of Governors?

Mrs Maureen Woodall is the Chair of the Governing Body. She has a vast depth of experience at the school as a retired teacher and senior leader at Worden, and a governor for many years. She is very passionate about the academy and is keen to highlight the wide range of skills, knowledge and experience that the Governors can collectively bring to their role to ensure that the school is doing the best it can for every pupil. If you need to contact Mrs Woodall, please write to Mrs M Woodall, Chair of Governors, Academy@Worden, Westfield Drive, Leyland PR25 1QX.