Food Nutrition



Mrs S. BallTeacher of Food Nutrition

Students will learn some basic and advanced cooking skills, they will be encouraged to tap into their imaginative side in order to explore the use of food as a material with which to design new products.


Students will learn about:

  • Safety in the kitchen
  • Food hygiene
  • Healthy eating
  • Local and seasonal product
  • Practical skills producing predominantly savoury dishes
  • Multicultural dishes
  • Practical assessments

Students become much more skilful and are encourage to develop their research and investigative skills whilst exploring the food and developing their cooking skills. We currently offer Educas GCSE in food preparation and nutrition.

The course covers a range of topics:

  • Food Commodities
  • Principles of Food Nutrition
  • Diet and Good Health
  • The science of food
  • Where food comes from
  • Cooking and preparation

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