Mr J. HaworthHead of Faculty
Mrs R. BlackledgeAspiring Leader of Science 
Mrs L. Slinger
Aspiring Leader of Science
Mrs L. Parkin
Science Teacher
Mr D. Corner
Second in Science
Mrs K. Swift
Science Teacher
Mr A. Crook
Science Teacher
Mrs F. Abdulai
Temporary Teacher of Science

We live in an increasingly scientific and technological world, and our pupils will see even more changes. The Science Faculty has a responsibility to the pupils to give them the skills to live in this technological world and have some understanding of how things work and how the people that produce them work. In Science, we aim for pupils to enjoy and enthuse about Science, understanding how Science relates to their everyday life whilst gaining good levels and grades.


We deliver a 3 year Key Stage 3 programme of study incorporating the new National Curriculum. We currently follow the AQA scheme of work that has been customised to suit the learners in our academy. The course is designed to spark curiosity in science and support students on their journey through KS3 giving them the essential skills needed to be successful at KS4.The students are assessed regularly throughout Key Stage 3 following the schools assessment policy, teacher’s formative assessment and regular low stakes questioning.


Science is a core subject and must be studied by all students until they leave the academy. We have chosen the AQA exam board and we offer AQA Trilogy and AQA Separate sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics). Full details of these courses are available at Students are placed in a set that reflects their ability in the subject. This is done using their assessment data from KS3.

GCSE Science

There is currently only one programme of study at KS4 Science, this follows the AQA specification. It is a two year course with all the exams taken at the end of year 11. There are 6 exams all 1hr 15mins long. There are two in each subject area (Biology, Chemistry and Physics).Students have 6 science lessons a week two for each subject area.

GCSE Separate Science

All students studying separate sciences have to take all three subjects and as with the Trilogy course all exams are taken at the end of year 11. The exams are 1hr 45mins long.Students have to use one of their option choices as well as their core science time giving them 10 lessons of science a week.

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