Design and Technology



Mrs H. MurphyHead of Technology
Mrs K. HughesDesign and Technology Teacher
Mrs J. WindleTeaching Assistant
Mrs. K HaslemFaculty Technician

The world in which we all live is full of products made from a range of different materials. From the moment we wake to the time we go to bed we use and interact with a huge range of products designed to make life easier, faster, safer and more convenient. All of these products are designed and made; the toothbrush you use when you get up in the morning to the box you put your lunch in. And it is with this in mind that we want to inspire our pupils to learn about materials and how they are used to benefit the world we live in.

Year 7 Projects:

  • Chocolate Novelty – Pupils create their own chocolate bar, investigating packaging and using CAD/CAM design techniques. 
  • Night Light – Pupils build a night-light, introducing electronics and shaping materials, furthering their practical skills.

Year 8 Projects:

  • Oddpods Earphone Wrap – Puts previously learned skills to use in problem solving, creating a solution to a common problem and professionalising that solution. 
  • Architectural Clock – Furthering their skills working with wood and plastic, pupils create a clock based on an architectural design of their choice.

Year 9 Projects:

  • Camera Creation – Pupils are introduced to isometrics drawing and 3D CAD drawings are created to show design ideas for a concept camera. This then leads to creating professional packaging and the understanding of net development. 
  • Skills Development – The importance of planning and accuracy are introduced in this project, helping pupils to develop the skills required for GCSE Design and Technology.

GCSE Design and Technology

Students will be enthused and challenged by the range of practical activities possible in our KS4 programme. They will be encouraged to:

  • Understand and apply colour and design through images 
  • Develop spatial concepts 
  • Understand graphic materials and their manipulation.

They will design and make products using graphic media and new technologies to prepare them for the commercial and industrial world through. Pupil will be assessed through 50% controlled assessment and 50% examination.

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