Presentation Evening

Each year the school hosts an end of year Presentation Evening to give recognition to pupils who have excelled in certain subject areas, and to reward special effort made this academic year.

Subject Awards for current Year 8-11 pupils

Subject prize for: English Niamh, Amelia Wilkinson
Subject prize for: Maths Sam Ellis, Adrianna Cooper 
Subject Prize for: Science Millie Procter, Tom Jagger 
Subject prize for: Religious Education Amelia Hodson, Kiera Searle 
Subject prize for: History Chloe Collier, Dominic Chivers
Subject prize for: Geography Lucy Smith, Elliot Morris
Subject prize for: MFL Josh Hurst, Rebecca Nixon
Subject prize for: ICT Ellie O’Hare, Daniel Morton
Subject prize for: PE Ellie Jean Jones, Joe Bond
Subject prize for: Drama Eamon Lucas, Millie Mae Hill
Subject prize for: Graphic Products Alessandra Ebreo, Ryan Hanson
Subject Prize for: Food Nutrition Teighen Innes, Emily Hodgkinson
Subject Prize for: Art Sam Richardson, Alessandra Ebreo
Subject Prize for: Sociology Robyn Crowe, Daniel Morton
Subject Prize for: Psychology Tom Smith, Klaudia Witkowska

Leavers Year 11 Prizes 

Subject prize for: GCSE English Language Aiden Hogg, Thomas Monk
Subject prize for: GCSE English Literature Sarah Murray, Don Logan Ryder
Subject prize for: GCSE Maths Josh Horrobin, Charlotte Park
Subject prize for: GCSE Statistics Andrew Carr
Subject prize for: GCSE Additional Science Sarah Murray, Chris Gray
Subject prize for: GCSE French Leonie Ashton
Subject prize for: GCSE History Thomas Monk 
Subject prize for: GCSE Geography Cameron Dargie
Subject prize for: GCSE Sociology Sarah Murray
Subject prize for: GCSE Psychology Chris Gray
Subject Prize for: GCSE PE Tommy Grindrod
Subject prize for: GCSE Business Studies Scott McCutcheon
Subject prize for: GCSE ICT Alex Lilley
Subject prize for: D of E Bronze - Emma Hill
Subject prize for: D of E Silver - Joe Wheller
Subject Prize for: GCSE Graphic Products Charlotte Park
Subject Prize for: GCSE Food Nutrition Louise Mason
Subject prize for: GCSE Art Olivia McMullen

Special Subject Awards 

Anette Dixon Trophy for Science – Charlotte Park
Frank Harwood Trophy for Mathematics – Chris Gray
Wally Bishop Shield for Information and Communication Technology – Morgan Calloway
Leyland Historical society Prize for History – Caitlin Franks
Leyland Trucks Award—Enterprise and Initiative in Technology -Jamie Harding
Lorraine Fullbrook Trophy for English Caitlin Franks
Special Subject Awards Deborah Weir Award for school Drama- Sam Richardson

Whole school Special Prizes

‘Against All Odds’ Award - Louise Mason
Determination - Hal Gardner
Leadership Scott McCutcheon
Outstanding Progress- Chris Gray
Leyland Soroptimst Award Erin Morris
All Round Effort Morgan Calloway
Outstanding Service Charlotte Park
Quiet Endeavour – Scarlett Brocklehurst
Headteachers Prize Chris Gray & Sarah Murray
High Academic Achievement Caitlin Franks
Best GCSE Results Sarah Murray
Student of the Year Charlotte Park

5 years 100% Attendance

Sarah Murray

4 years 100% Attendance 

Josh McDonald
Charlotte Park

3 years 100% Attendance

Morgan Calloway
Christopher Gray
Hal Gardner

100% Attendance 2018

Morgan Calloway
Christopher Gray
Josh McDonald
Thomas Monk
Sarah Murray
Charlotte Park