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Mr L. Rimmer
Associate Head of English
Miss L. CullenAssociate Head of English
Mrs K. LawTeacher of English
Mrs R. McMurray Teacher of English 
Miss K. BeattieAspiring Leader of English 

The teaching staff members have a well-developed team ethic, commitment and shared passion for their subject and developing pedagogy. They are totally committed to developing the English successes of all students at Academy@Worden. The overall mission of the English Department is to promote college and career “readiness’’ through literacy, which specifically promotes the ability to read, write, and think critically.

Key Stage 3

The Key Stage Three curriculum is productively devised so that it builds on specific language and literature skills from year to year. The priority in Key Stage Three is to furnish the pupils with the reading, writing, and speaking and listening skills which are necessary at GCSE. The pupils will study a range of novels, to include: pre-20th Century and 20th Century, poetry, plays and a number of writing opportunities for different audiences. Pupils will also study Shakespeare and develop a sense of literary awareness, both of which encourage an overall appreciation for the love of reading outside of school. The students are assessed against the same Assessment Objectives as they are at GCSE level, to best prepare them for their final examinations in year 11.

Year 7

  • Modern novel - Mr Stink/Demon Dentist/Boy/Danny the Champion of the World
  • Nature poetry
  • Shakespeare - The Tempest/Macbeth/A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  • Non-fiction reading and writing

Year 8

  • Modern novel - The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas/Private Peaceful/Holes/Small Steps/War Horse/BuddyWar poetry
  • Shakespeare - The Tempest/Macbeth/A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  • Descriptive/Narrative writing
  • Non-fiction reading and writing

Year 9

  • Descriptive/Narrative writing
  • Non-fiction reading and writing
  • Love poetry
  • Of Mice and Men
  • Romeo and Juliet
Key Stage 4

At Key Stage Four, pupils study for two qualifications: English Language and English Literature. Pupils follow the Government’s guidelines and sit examinations at the end of the two year cycle, rather than perform Controlled Assessments. Speaking and Listening remains an important feature of Key Stage Four study; pupils enjoy the different challenges that these studies bring to their learning. There is always the opportunity to take lessons outside of curriculum time; the department prioritises students’ learning in English by creating lessons outside of the school day so that pupils can learn and reflect in another dimension of study.

The English department is keen to maintain its enthusiastic approach to learning and teaching; this approach is carried out in a variety of ways. Links with Edge Hill University allow pupils access to other vibrant and energetic teaching deliveries; these, in turn, inspire the pupils to work with renewed enthusiasm and effort. Rewards and recognition of excellent work is a priority. Pupils are encouraged to take pride in their work, maintaining positive relationships with their peers and their English teacher. Carousel deliveries and visiting specialists also give great confidence to the pupils’ learning.

English Language

  • Component 1: 20th Century Fiction Reading and Descriptive/Narrative writing
  • Component 2: 19th/21st Century Non-Fiction Reading and Non-Fiction writing

English Literature

  • Component 1: Romeo and Juliet and EDUQAS Poetry Anthology 
  • Component 2: Blood Brothers/A Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time, A Christmas Carol and Unseen Poetry 

Spoken Language Assessment



Rotary Club of Leyland (UK)

Rotary Public Speaking- Writing Competition

Rotary Club of Leyland (UK)

Rotary Public Speaking - Debate Competition

Runshaw College - Langdale Road, Leyland

Gifted and Talented - The Big English

Runshaw College - Langdale Road, Leyland

Spelling Bee Competition

Runshaw College - Langdale Road, Leyland

Big Debate

Runshaw College - Langdale Road, Leyland

Sophie Scholl Poetry Competition - Holocaust  Memorial Day-January


In-house competitions and activities that include Spelling Bee, PoetryCompetitions, Writing Clubs, Extra-revision sessions during holiday time, and many more.

Parent/Guardian Information:

Parents are extremely valued as supporters of their children’s progress, and the English department is always very keen to communicate with home on a number of levels. Pupils who are progressing well will receive prizes, certificates, rewards in assembly and texts home. Parents are invited to talk about the best way forward for their child given the individual needs in English that they may well have. Parents are always encouraged to attend outside of school English activities; they are cordially invited to English competitions that take place in the local community and further afield.Parents support the English department in many of its initiatives:

  • Parents are invited to support speaking and listening presentations. 
  • Parents are invited to support their child at home especially when they are asked to acknowledge their child’s reading practices outside of curriculum time. 
  • Parents are invited to whole-school presentation evenings where they can celebrate the success of their child in English. 
  • Parents are always informed of benefits available to their child in English, whether these are extra revision sessions or initiatives which will be hugely beneficial across both key stages.
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