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Maths Mania

It's the last Maths Mania this week! Last week's remaining numbers are 6 and 11 - well done if you managed to find that! Our final challenge is all to do with proportion. Don't forget to submit your responses to mathsmania@wordenacademy.co.uk before Friday to earn reward points! Miss Beer

Maths Mania 11

Past Challenges

Well done to everyone that got involved last week! We are onto week 10 now, the penultimate Maths Mania Challenge! Can you find all of the routes through these mazes to spell the words? Send your solutions to mathsmania@wordenacademy.co.uk before Friday to earn reward points. Good luck, Miss Beer!

Maths Mania 10

Maths Mania 9 Solution

So proud of the amazing tri-hexaflexagons produced last week! Gear up that brain power again as we combine shapes with… more shapes!! Can you solve this puzzle by finding the value of each shape? Don’t forget to send your solutions by Friday to mathsmania@wordenacademy.co.uk to gain those reward points! Miss Beer.

Maths Mania 9

Maths Mania 8 Entries

Thank you to everyone who got involved with the impossible objects challenge last week! I was very impressed with the use of shading to exaggerate the illusions. This week is another shape based challenge looking at Tri-Hexaflexagons. These are quirky yet so simple to make. Follow the instructions in this YouTube video to help you and don't forget to send your solutions to mathsmania@wordenacademy.co.uk before Friday to earn some reward points. Miss Beer.

Maths Mania 8

Maths Mania 7 Entries

Week 7 is here! Unfortunately this Maths Mania is impossible – literally! I want you to have a go at drawing some impossible objects. Here are some examples from @c0mplexnumber. You will find links to video tutorials that will help you on the Maths Mania channel of your Maths class team group. Get those thinking caps on and the impossible becomes possible! Don't forget to send your entries to mathsmania@wordenacademy.co.uk before Friday. Miss Beer 

Maths Mania 7

Maths Mania 6 Solution

Week 6 - We are back with a brand new brain power challenge for you all at home! We are focusing on Alphanumerics this week. These are puzzles that are true in words and in numbers! Here’s one for you to try, there are 7 possible solutions in total. How many can you find? Submit your solutions to mathsmania@wordenacademy.co.uk before Friday to be in with a chance of receiving rewards! Miss Beer 🙂

Maths Mania 6

Thank you to everyone that has got involved in Maths Mania over the last 5 weeks. I hope you have enjoyed it! We will be back after the half term with more weekly challenges but in the meantime have a well deserved half term rest. Miss Beer 🙂

Maths Mania 5 Solution

Week 5 - Fantastic entries to last week's magic square puzzle. The solution is attached for you to check your answers. This week we have a new brain power challenge for you all at home! This one focuses on looking hard at a picture. How many triangles can you see? Submit your answer to MathsMania@wordenacademy.co.uk before Friday to earn reward points. Can you find all of the triangles? Good luck!

Miss Beer

Maths Mania 5

Maths Mania 4 solution

Week 4 - Thanks to all our superheros for last week’s entries.

Maths Media 3 solution

This week’s Maths Mania will need you to get your spell book out and turn yourself into a Wizard. These Magic squares are incomplete. Can you complete them? Send your solutions to MathsMania@wordenacademy.co.uk before Friday 15th May to be rewarded! 

Maths Mania 4

Week 3 - Thank you to the fantastic problem solvers that entered last week, congratulations! Here is the solution to last week's puzzle.

Maths Mania 2 solution

We have all recently been celebrating the superheros of our nation that are helping us get through this tough time. This week I am asking you to become your household's superhero! Can you reflect this super hero mask, colour it in and then submit your most epic super hero pose to MathsMania@wordenacademy.co.uk before Friday 8th May to earn some rewards!

Maths Mania 3

Week 2 - Take some time out to exercise your brain with some Su-doku. These are great for improving logic skills (and are fun too!). Submit your solutions to MathsMania@wordenacademy.co.uk before 1st May to be in with gaining some reward points! Happy puzzle-ing!. Miss B

Maths Mania Week 2

Maths Mania Week 1 Entries

Week 1 - This week we are looking at the question, “What does ‘Maths’ look like?”. I would like you to find the most beautiful forms of Maths in your house or garden.

Perhaps look for some on your daily walk or exercise? Here are some examples of leaves being arranged into mathematical art. Maybe even have a go at creating mathematical art using household items. Here I’ve created patterns using cut up toilet rolls. Or try your hand at origami.

Maths Mania Week 1 (PDF)

Let your creativity flow and don’t forget to send your entries to MathsMania@wordenacademy.co.uk before 27th April to be in with a chance of gaining some rewards! Miss Beer

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